Case Studies

See how SalesTab is revolutionising the way our customers work, saving them both time and money.

In store ordering for premier retail chain

Hunter Furniture sought to personalise its customer sales experience by adding tablets as an instore sales tool. SalesTab with EXO & NetSuite integration more than met the national retailers brief.... read more

Replacing heavy folders, substantial printing costs and scribbled orders

Baby First replaced their monthly print run of price sheets and product imagery with SalesTab. Rather than carrying heavy folders and scraps of paper with orders, the national sales team now have up to date inventory, pricing, and high res imagery.... read more

Growing a Top 100 Company

After successful implementation in Australia, PGG Wrightson Turf’s New Zealand-wide sales team transitioned from a variety of ordering systems (including email, SMS, phone call, pieces of papers and faxes) to SalesTab.... read more

Cultured Technology

Coffee Culture needed a mobile catalogue solution for their franchise facilities. We provide a web-based version of SalesTab to assist with desktop, tablet and mobile phone access to franchise information.... read more

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