Simplify your sales team's catalogue management and product ordering in one neat little app.

 Product Navigation

  • Quick searching and product browsing
  • Multi-tiered categories
  • Swipe to navigate products
  • Navigate from gallery to product seamlessly 


  • Product lists with thumbnails
  • Full-screen category and product image gallery viewer
  • Product details page with product options (sub-products)
  • File attachments
  • High res download option (if online)


  • Order form
  • Stock level status
  • Live stock check (if online)
  • Pricing & product variation pricing

Full Offline Operation

  • Connect via wifi or 3G internet to synchronise orders and product information
  • Run on iPad using wifi or 3G connection with an offline operation mode

Central Administration

  • Easy management via admin interface
  • Manage access and product information centrally
  • Pricing Management
  • Product Variations

Customer Management

  • Customer address book with iPad GPS integration.
  • Customer orders
  • Build up individual customer "shopping lists"


  • Integrate with 3rd party stock inventory system
  • Send orders to 3rd party web hooks

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